Free Business Process Management Software, Full Version

Free Business Process Management Software, Full Version PayDox Business Process Management 4.0

The most innovative companies not only compete with the products they sell but also makes it important to gauge the efficiency of the distribution of its products and services. And the see this effectiveness in identifying and responding to problems and opportunities. XYZ enables them to understand the possibilities of improving processes, collaborate in the design of new services and quickly develop solutions that exceed the expectations of their business, without entailing a large increase in cost and development time.

Some Features Which could be present in Business Process Management Software

  • The complete integrated process platform meets the needs of all involved and all sorts of processes, whether oriented to the document, the system or people.
  • Business analysts and IT work together to design, test, distribute and control the processes with a complete collaboration around a single executable process model for the entire life cycle of the process.
  • The integration of the best features of simulation will help to replicate the performance of their processes and optimize the resources under real conditions, before distribution.
  • Monitoring and analysis show the performance of your process model in real time.
  • Task analysis indicates the extent to which human resources contribute related to all processes are effective, and provides guidance for prioritizing the allocation of these resources to tasks.
  • The human workflow can be automated with simple tasks routed.
  • You can develop quickly UI tasks and end-user applications through an integrated framework for composite applications. WYSIWYG development environment and a library with more than 200 UI controls drag-and-drop, speed up the creation of processes, applications and workflows.
  • The management of Fair Isaac business rules, helps users create, manage and modify rules from their desktop.
  • An innovative semantic metadata library facilitates the reuse of business services, rules, etc.. with improved search capabilities using a common terminology and clear, and advanced features for monitoring and research units of impact analysis in all process assets. It supports multiple standards such as JSR-168, WSRP, BPMN, BPEL, RDF / OWL.

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