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Dropbox is a helpful online storage software for those who frequently use multiple computers. If you are one of them you can always login to Dropbox to access your files. This means you can access same file from many computers using Dropbox. For whom who don’t know much about Dropbox, it is a cloud based file syncing tool, where you can store your files for free. It is available for windows and many other platforms. One can easily connect his computer and Dropbox cloud files using Dropbox.

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Many a times there is situation, where you can not want to install and open your Dropbox. Be it security concern or you are using it on public computers like cyber cafe. In this situation you can use Dropbox Portable version. You can keep your data in USB Stick instead.

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There is free software called DropboxPortableAHK which will make your Dropbox fully portable. This means you do not need to save your dropbox folder on many computers, instead save it in one USB drive and access it from anywhere here onwards.

How DropboxPortableAHK Works?

When you download and install DropboxPortableAHK to any new computer, it will download the latest Dropbox files. Just specify the folder you want to download these files in. After it downloads all the file, login with your user name and password. If you don’t have existing account, make new one. When you got logged in, DropboxPortableAHK actually sync your all current files and folders in the portable Dropbox files.

Now you can use this files anywhere you want, or where you do not want to share your folders with others. This can be a good option for those who wants to maintain files in their office and don’t want to leave files in their office computers.

Download Dropbox Portable

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