Download Pazera Free Video to 3GP Converter

Download Pazera Free Video to 3GP Converter

Pazera Free Video to 3GP Converter allows you to convert video files into the 3GP mobile phone video format. Types of video files supported are .avi, .mpeg, .mp4, .flv, .mkv, .swf, and .mov. These will run beautifully on your mobile phone. There is no installation involved at all. All you have to do is simply unzip the download folder and follow the directions. The best part is that it is a completely free software utility download.

Steps to opening the zip file:

  1. To run the application, unzip the download folder and then double click the videoto3gp.exe file to get it up and running.
  2. After that has completed, you can add video files by clicking on the Add Files button. As many files as you want can be added at the same time.
  3. Find the desired file and click Open. The video will be placed in the order it was added. To save time, you can add more than one file at a time to the queue and then convert.
  4. The conversion settings come with pre-configured profiles. To select and load a profile, go to the Profile drop down list and click on Load. This will update the settings.
  5. The settings can be adjusted any which way you want them to be. It is best not to do this if you are a beginner. However, if you have expertise in this area, then there are options on the lower panel to help you select the most appropriate settings for your media.
  6. Click Convert. A box will open to show the progress of the conversion process.
  7. Close.
  8. Load the selected video onto the mobile phone.

This sounds like a lot of steps, but the Pazera Free Video to 3GP Converter was made for the average mobile phone user to change over most of the available video formats to 3GP easily and quickly. The folder can be copied on a USB drive for easier portable access.

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