Download My3G For iPhone 4

My3G tricks apps into thinking, that they are on WiFi, but in actual they are on a 3G or even the really slow EDGE (think dial-up slow). There are many apps that work only with Wifi, so you have to keep finding WiFi “hotspots”. Chat apps like FaceTime that only work with WiFi are working well with this updated version of My3G iPhone 4. FaceTime is a 2-way video calling technology created by Apple for the iPhone 4.

My3G allows iPhone users to download high-definition YouTube videos, podcasts and television via iTunes. Every new update of My3G increases its flexibility and ability to get past the restrictions of the iPhone places on video apps.

It allows you to go around the limitations of the iPhone, allowing the user to download files from the Apple or iTunes Store that are bigger than 10MB and improving the quality of the YouTube videos. Remember, the iPhone needs to be jailbroken on iOS 4.0/4.0.1 prior to use.

Some of the new and improved features of the My3G include:

  • You can select which apps are to be My3G enabled and which are not.
  • Default apps. Now it is not necessary to configure the most popular apps.
  • In-App indicator. Alerts the iPhone user when My3G changes from 3G to WiFi.
  • In-App pop-up request to allow the user to decide whether to enable or never ask for the My3G for each app.
  • Dynamic Enablement. Better success rate than 3G Unrestrictor.
  • SBSettings Toggle. Temporarily allows access to all of the apps to My3G and then toggles back to former settings.

My3G is currently only available for download from RockYourPhone for $3.99 and is only available in the RockYourApp Store. The free jailbreak apps like VoIP Over 3G are similar but have not been updated for iOS4 or iOS 4.0.1

For download see this link

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