CS 1.6 Free Download – Counter Strike Condition Zero Download

CS 1.6 Free Download – Counter Strike Condition Zero Download

Counter-Strike is one of famous action games, which could be played alone or with teams. There are two sides in the game, viz terrorists and the anti-terrorists. While playing in teams, both the teams try to beat and kill each other. There are different war scenes, many types of terrorists and the anti-terrorists weapons, rescuing hostages, activating bombs etc. With a large number of screens, a surprising quality graphics and real sounds, Counter-Strike adrenaline will boil in your veins. Choose from to be a terrorist or anti-terror and defeat all enemies that you come a cross. For every one you kill, you get more money to buy better weapons. You can even talk with your friends and instruct them while playing. These all famous moves and team and single play makes this game one of the most played and famous games all around the globe even after so many years after its Launch.

CS 1.6 Free

CS Condition Zero 1.6 can be played online or with the help of LAN. This is actually MOD of half blood. While playing single you can play against the computer and decide how many players are fictional (“boots”) you want to face.

Game Name: Counter Strike Condition Zero 1.6

License Type : Demo Version (free To Try)

CS 1.6 Compatible Operating Systems: 98 SE,Win 98,2000,Me,Windows Xp,Windows Vista,Windows 7

CS 1.6 Free Download Link

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