Corel Player Free Download

Corel Player Free Download

Many of my blog readers and friends asked to me to give free links to Corel Player. I was searching all the web to find out actually what it is. I found no such software which is called Corel Player. Instead I found Corel WinDVD Pro, Core Media Player 4.11.

These software plays your movie in 3D in crystal clear way. Core Media Player 4.11 supports Playlist file types such as M3U, PLS, NPL, XML. While Corel WinDVD Pro is best DVD player software for playing high-quality video. It now comes Blu-ray 3D. It displays clear sounds and plays movies in 3D. It also consumes lesser power of your laptop. This means lesser battery consumption.

I hope of this two softwares will help you in substitute of Corel Player.

Download Corel WinDVD Pro

Download Core Media Player 4.11

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