Convert Powerpoint To Video, PPT To Video Converter Free Download

Convert PowerPoint To Video, PPT To Video Converter Free Download

Few days ago a friend asked me to convert his PowerPoint presentations to video format. He also wanted to upload it to his website. I was searching this kind of software who could do this to me and I found one software through which you can do this.

I will let you know about the software, but first lets look what we can do when we convert PowerPoint to Video format.

1) We can upload it to YouTube and or Facebook etc.

2) If you dint have PowerPoint viewer in phone, you can watch it in video format. Same thing goes for iPod.

3) You can make a DVD of your Video which is been converted from PowerPoint to Video.

There are number of things you can do with this conversion. And you don’t need to pay anything for it either.

How To Convert Convert PowerPoint To Video Step By Step Guide:

PowerPoint Video Converter is a free software that lets you convert any PowerPoint presentation to video in 3 simple steps:

1) First, download the E.M. Free PowerPoint To Video Software. After downloading install it to your computer.

Once installed, open it and start with the first step to Convert PowerPoint To Video, click on the button “New Task”, choose “Add Files” and add your presentation:

convert ppt to video picture 1

You will see a window asking you which format you want to make the video, in my case, I chose, AVI which provides the best quality but takes bit more time than normal.

convertir ppt to video image 2

Now go to Options -> Video Re-size, to choose the resolution size of the video:

press accept and finally press the button “Convert”

You will see a final warning that will remind you 3 important things before starting the conversion:

1. Save all your files and shut down PowerPoint completely.

2. For best results, it is best to close all other programs.

3. Do not run the PowerPoint before conversion end, otherwise conversion will fail.

Press “OK” and now expect to finish the conversion …


Success! Now when you finish everything, open the folder where your video was saved and you are done.

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