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Computer Monitoring Software

Most of us runs some kind of business and hired some people under us to work. Most of the time there is danger of confidential information leaking. To know when, who and what has done on your computer, there is one software called Computer Monitoring Software.

Your data will not be misused and doubts will be very less if you use this software. You can even use it on home PC to see what you children is doing when you are not around. We have written about Web Filtering Software For Parental Control before in our site, this could be an additional software to monitor your child’s computer using behavior. As said before you can also use it as employee monitor software too. This software will monitor all the activities done on your computer by any individual whether online or offline. It works as a supervisor at your office or home with no limitations in regards to time and region.

Computer Monitoring Software must have these features:

– Remote monitoring in real time.
– Registration page views.
– Capture keystrokes.
– Record the clipboard.
– Monitoring instant messaging (chat).System Surveillance Pro
– Custom control for each user.
– Password protection.
– Screenshots.
– Registration open and closed programs.
– Quiet mode or invisible.
– Automatic Update.
– Which employee is sending more emails
– Who is surfing more internet.
– Who is leaking company confidential Data via removable media like Pen drives, CDs and DVDs

System Surveillance Pro is similar software through which you can monitor your employees as well children’s, who are using the PC at home or office. It will take capture screenshots of logs keystrokes, Instant messenger chats, applications which are used, and Web sites visited at your defined time intervals. You can also turned it on or off via scheduling it for time intervals. It will send you email reports, so that you will be updated all the time, no matter where you are. This program can be stopped using task manager, so it will run and do its work, and no one can stop it, until and unless admin who has the password stops it.

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