Clone Hard Drive With Hard Drive Clone Software

Clone Hard Drive With Hard Drive Clone Software

We all have computers, aren’t we? We also have danger of Data being crashed from our hdd. This can be a most annoying conditions. All your hard worked files get crashed and you haven’t make a clone of it to restore it on time.

In any other situation your computer is running real slow. You don’t the reason why? The performance your computer is going down day by day. We want our system to run smoothly and in efficient way. But who is going to customize it once you formatted it?

So in case of crash, reinstalling Windows etc. you must Clone or copy your hard drive, so that in case of emergency you can reinstall all your applications and say thank god I have done it before.

Following are 4 tools to clone your hard drive before it gets too late.

1) DriveImage XML (Windows): Not me every one is talking about it. This software will take image of your hard drive partitions and logical drives and will save it your own disc or any other mentioned hard drive. You can schedule backups with the help of Windows Task Scheduler and command line switches. You can also copy the image directly from drive to drive. These images are stored in XML files. Your back up will be done, even if you are working on your windows. A very easy and recommended Hard Drive back up software. It actually creates Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS).

Download DriveImage XML

2) XXClone:  As the name indicates this software takes clone of windows xp, 2000, NT and copy this to another disc which is ready to boot. This software is ideal for those who fretted a lot with their Windows and installs something which we should not.

download xxclone

XXClone makes an exact copy of the contents of your hard drive so you can restart it if you lose your data. You can also restore that copy to your own disc or can save it to external drives. All this you can have from a simple graphical interface, which in a few simple steps will save trouble in the future. You can copy from FAT to NTFS or vice versa with this software.

Download XXClone

3) HDClone Free Edition:  HDClone Free Edition is a free software that allows you to clone hard drives in a fast, simple and above all in efficient way.HDclone Free Edition

To do this, HDClone requires a boot-able disc or CD that you can generate from your primary environment. In this disc or CD, the software saves the needed files to boot the system and a copy of the cloning tool.

To clone a hard disk with HDClone, just reboot with the hard disc or bootable CD, select the new drive and run the cloning process. During this process, all files on the source hard disc are copied to the new drive, including operating system files. Referring to his qualities, HDClone Free Edition supports IDE hard drives, ATA and SATA and lets you copy files with a rate of about 300MB/minute.

Download HDClone Free Edition

Some Important Notes:

1) Make sure you are going copy in a right way. It can be worse to copy a blank drive to your existing drive. This might loose your all data.

2) Keep record of your license agreements, in case you are using your old computer.

3) Immediately after You install the operating System or any new software, take a disk image. Run the Windows Update and Office update before taking image.

If you have anytime clone or copy your Hard Drive or run in the same situation, let us know which software or method you have used. Use our comments section to describe it.

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