6 Best Free Text To Speech Software

6 Best Free Text To Speech Software

There are many situations were we want a software who can read the written text for us, it could be from notepad, readable PDF eBook, Word, online content etc. Some times it also helps and clarify our doubts and vocabulary for some words. Some times we don’t have time to read our mails, or articles and we need an assistance who can read this our for us while we do some other stuff. Here are 6 free Text To Speech software which will help us in doing so in our day to day life.

1) Panopreter Plus: With this free text to speech software you can listen any written document and it can also change text to spoken audio in wav and mp3 file formats.

Download Panopreter Plus

2) ReadPlease : ReadPlease is another popular text to speech software which reads any text which can come from your clipboard. Just select the portion you want the software to read it will do it for you.

Download ReadPlease

3) Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader : It read your text in loud voice. Just select the text you want to read in a louder voice it will do it for you. A very simple interface makes it very popular among users.

Download Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader

4) Speakonia – It comes with 20 robotic voices which reads your selected text loudly. It saves your text in WAV files and playback when you are jogging or driving.

Download Speakonia

5) CoolSpeech : Well as the name suggest it is a cool text to speech freeware for windows. Just type in any international news URL in the software and this will read news for you. You can also schedule the date and time in this software to read the email or text loudly. It also reads every word you type in.

Download CoolSpeech

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6) iSpeech Free – Now this one of the text to speech online software. You do not need any thing to download, just go to the site, copy paste the text to be read out and it will do it for you. Very easy to handle.

Try It here

I hope this free text to speech software will make your life more easy and will save your precious time.

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