Fax To Email – Fax Server Software

A fax server software is the actually a software which enables you to receive or fax messages on network-wide transmission. It also allows you to send and forward fax to email. It actually reduces the cost of sending and receiving faxes through a simpler and cheaper process.

It also allows you to send faxes to groups, and also manage it. The fax server actually receives your faxes and print them. It can also be send it to you via email. All the data actually stores on the fax server.

The interface of most of Fax Server software are easy to use and the installation takes not much time. Most of them automatically detects and configures the available hardware coupled with your PC and start working right after installation.

After installation you can send the fax with this software, which is as easy as printing a document on paper. Just choose the document you want to fax with fax server software and it will display the numbers ( Central and private phone books) which you have filled to send the fax too. It will also display a dialogue box asking for the asking for the recipient.

Now the software transfers the document to the fax server. Which stores fax and then transmit to the concerned number. In case lines are busy, it redials the numbers.

When fax is delivered you will be informed through mail, or through a pop up window that the fax is dispatched.

1) Saves you to manually send faxes through fax machines.
2) Saves your time, which you have to invest while sending it via fax machine.
3) No paper Jams.
4) Reduce Paper consumptions

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