Dropbox Alternative – SugarSync Download With 5 GB Free Data Storage

Dropbox Alternative – SugarSync Download With 5 GB Free Data Storage

I first want to let you know what dropbox is actually all about. After that we will know about the dropbox alternative. Dropbox is actually a free data storage free service where you can store and save your docs, photos, files, videos. You can also access it from anywhere in the world if you have a internet connection. Hence, Dropbox is a free file synchronization, and data backup service that uses cloud computing to store user’s file and folders. It was one of the first and famous data backup site and allows users to store as much as 2 GB of data.

Now why will one needs a Dropbox alternative. Well, this can be because big or small companies are using online storage more often nowadays, hence they need more space than 2gb. And their are many services in the market who provides more storage than Dropbox.

And this alternatives can save them lots of money to spend on building a domestic server and to maintain them.

Okay so lets talk about some of the Dropbox alternatives.


First name comes in mind is SugarSync. This service is compatible with multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian Only few people can ignore the importance of SugarSync.

There are several plans to use SugarSync with:

1) A free 5 GB storage Plan

2) There are also 4 payment plans, ranging from 30 GB to 500 GB. Which costs $ 4.99 to $ 39.99 per month respectively. If you are managing a company and need more storage than this, there are also some special plans available for you.

Download SugarSync